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JIMBROWORLD was born from the dream of a group of friends, nature lovers, to make wines and other natural products in protected areas of great ecological value.

The Arribes del Duero Natural Park is a unique natural area, with a high biodiversity of flora and fauna, located where the Duero borders Portugal. And it was on the banks of the River Duero where in 2010 the first steps of the project were taken and JIMBROWORLD was born.

The unique potential of minority autochthonous varieties in danger of disappearing, together with the depopulation of the area, made the towns of Fermoselle and Pinilla de Fermoselle become from the initial stages of the project, the base camp where to begin the hard work.

JIMBROWORLD is a global project where the vineyard and the winery are united by a single element; the desire to preserve the biodiversity of the area while contribute to the sustainable economic and human development of this territory. With this goal in mind, since 2015, the winemaking project joined a beekeeping project that encompasses the essential of our product philosophy.




Our vineyard blends fully into the landscape, it is cultivated on terraces in a traditional way with techniques that are framed within an organic viticulture, without herbicides or insecticides, on small separate plots and surrounded by vegetation that protects them.

From the beginning, the project is focused on the recovery of autochthonous and emblematic varieties of the área and which are in danger of extinction, such as Puesta en Cruz for White wines and Bruñal for red wines, both of which are perfectly suited to the great diversity of soils and the microclimate of the Arribes del Duero.

Currently, our vineyard covers a total of 20 hectares, with both Puesta en Cruz and Bruñal vines, and we continue working with other minority varieties such as Rufete and Juan García


The age of the vineyard varies from the oldest with more than 115 years to the youngest around 12 years old. In all of them we have carried out recovery work since they were totally abandoned, through structural changes, grafting techniques and the planting of new plots, all prioritizing respect for the environment.

Equally, the annual production of our vines is very limited, and we hope that enjoyment of one of our bottles will be an enriching experience prompting reflection among all lovers of natural spaces and of products created in a sustainable manner in these environments.





The production of our wines begins in the vineyard, not in the winery. We harvest manually, in boxes, selecting the plots at the point of optimum ripeness before producing the wine in the traditional manner, respecting the characteristics of our soil, climate and grape varieties, which are what make us different from the rest. Production on our vineyards is very low, never exceeding 2,500 kilos per hectare, and this concentration lends a great expressiveness and character to our wines.



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