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Made from 100% Bruñal autochthonous variety from our recovered vines located in Fermoselle, Zamora province. Once produced, the wine is stored in French oak barrels for 16 months. After bottling, it is stored in the bottle for one year before being released for sale.


Jimbro Bruñal is a clear example of our product philosophy: a wine with great expressiveness, concentration and elegance. The sensory profile of the Bruñal variety, along with our cultivation practices and the region’s soils, allow us to produce a wine with a distinctive character.

We have 6 hectares of vines, some of which are newly planted while others originate from hundred-year-old vineyards, in which we have carried out recovery works using grafting techniques.

Bruñal is a highly exclusive, older grape variety which was planted in the early 20th century, after a phylloxera outbreak wiped out all of the vineyards in Arribes del Duero. It is a very special grape which can only be found in this winegrowing region, and about whose origin we possess very little information. It produces small bunches of small grapes, which are notably rich in sugars yet balanced, with a high polyphenol content and rather sweet tannins. The Bruñal variety was officially recognised on the official list issued by the Registry of Commercial Grape Varieties in 2011.

The Bruñal vines are located in Fermoselle, at the very heart of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park. The soils are characterised by a high percentage of sand with coarse elements, and normal levels of stoniness, with a strong presence of slate.  These are poor-quality, shallow and acidic soils which provide adequate conditions for winegrowing.

2015 JIMBRO - 100% Bruñal

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2015 JIMBRO - 100% Puesta en Cruz

Made from 100% Puesta en Cruz autochthonous variety, selected from among the older vines in the area. Once produced, the wine is stored in new French oak barrels, and aged on lees for a little under a year. After bottling, it is stored in the bottle for one year before being released for sale.

Jimbro Puesta en Cruz is an accurate expression of the land on which it is produced. It is a wine full of character, highly aromatic, and with a magnificent acidity affording it a longer lifespan than most white wines. With our Jimbro Puesta en Cruz, we have attempted to revive the old concept of white wines: elegant wines with a long lifespan, and full of complexity.

The grapes used to produce Jimbro White come from vines located in Pinilla de Fermoselle. With its unique soil composition, this is excellent land for cultivating vines.

We currently work around 10 hectares of old vines, some of which are more than 100 years old. These are divided into small plots situated on slopes, and in many cases terraced with a planting distance (1.5 x 1.5) which precludes mechanisation, obliging us to plough using traditional methods with mules.

Our project focuses on recovering lost autochthonous varieties with significant winemaking potential, which have been ignored and abandoned by the sector for a long time due to their low yields and difficulty of cultivation, to the extent that they have almost disappeared.

For several years, we have conducted field research on the Puesta en Cruz variety, identifying various clones, analysing their behaviour and choosing the best in a quest to obtain the best possible quality.

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